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Letter from United Utilities dated 28th February 2020 detail

Speed Indicator Device (SID)

… trying to regulate the speed of vehicles through the village

We have been trying for some years to get regular deployment of a SID. The erection and monitoring of these has been the responsibility of the police who have reported findings back to the Parish Council (PC). Unfortunately this has been too infrequent to be of much use in either deterring speeding nor in taking action against excessive speedsters.

In August of last year the police decided that they no longer had the means/manpower to carry on with this. As a result they offered to handover two SID’s to Parish Councils who wished to carry on. Three Parish Councils have jointly taken this on, Adlington, Pott Shrigley and Rainow. A contractor has been appointed and a Service Level Agreement signed by all 3 PC’s.

A rota has been agreed and each PC has one or other of the two SID’s for a period of 6 weeks with a 3 week gap. The contractor carries out the deployment of the SID in the location specified by each PC and downloads the computer record from each SID at the end of each period of deployment. This shows the number of vehicles, what speed they are doing and at what time of day. This is passed on to the relevant PC which then decides if further action is necessary.

This agreement came into operation towards the end of last year and is proving worthwhile and workable, the contractor is efficient and has been generally sticking to the agreed schedule.

 One problem which has occurred lately is that one of the SID’s has developed a radar fault and this has meant it having to be sent to the suppliers for repair. As a consequence the schedule has been disrupted but we’re hopeful that we will back with a normal operation shortly.

March 2018